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JACOB WAS THE SMOKE MONSTER (apophis) by zacky

Well, before I start with my theory, I just want to say some things which, in my opinion, doesn't make sense until now, if you think I'm wrong, please tell me 'cause then I will understand better the show.

In first place, there's a thing which really matters me, and which is Jacob's cabin. This cabin is protected with the famous ash which keeps it save from the monster, but the circle has been broken so the monster is able to enter (or to leave it, if he was imprisoned there). That's wright, but if Ilana says that "he's not being here for a long time" (refering to Jacob, I supose),"someone else has been using it", it seems that refering to Nemesis. What the hell is doing the piece of clothe with the picture of the staute? I guess that if Nemesis had been in the cabin he had notice that piece of clothe and would have retired it so no one could now where Jacob was to help him. That's something I don't understand.

Another thing which seems rare to me is the fact of Ben knowing where the Cabin was and knowing that "Jacob doesn't like technology". We have been said that Ben has never seen Jacob so,
1. How could he know where the Cabin was? That cabin was built by Horace Goodspeed, so Ben could just think "I'm going to that cabin and talk to an empty chair", but I think that can not be this way.
2. Why didn't Richard say nothing to Ben when Locke said "Ben and me are going to see Jacob"? Richard knew perfectly that Ben had never seen Jacob, maybe he thought that Ben had a plan and prefered not to disturb him, which is possible but not very convincent.

Antoher question: Richard says that "only the leader can ask for a view with Jacob". Ben has been the leader for many years and despite of he had asked for that view several times, he was never taken to see Jacob. That's not something which doesn't make sense, it's just something which makes us question why the hell Jacob (or Richard) didn't want that meeting to happen.

There's still some things which I don't understand. Nemesis (with Locke's appearence) says he wants a meeting with Jacob and, as Ben says, he's been conduced to him as if he was "Moises". Richard knew that Jacob was in the Statue, and it seems that Jacob has always been there, so what's exactly the Cabin? Has Jacob ever been there? We can presume he was, because of the peace of clothe with the picture of the statue...

unless that...

The Cabin had never been Jacob's but Nemesis'. Jacob has always lived in the statue and, somehow, he was able to capture Nemesis in the Cabin (with the circle of ash). Then what Ilana was looking for in the Cabin was not Jacob but Nemesis (why? did she wanted to kill him? Or just make sure that he was not there?), but that makes no sense because Ilana says "he's not been here for a long time, someone else has been using it" and that seems to say that Jacob was once there. And there is another thing which makes it difficult to be true: the Cabin was built by Horace in the 70s or 80s, as we know Horace died in 1992. How can something so recent as the Cabin be so important for two chacarters (Jacob and Nemesis) which, apperently, have been in the Island for centuries? The Cabin is something which I simply don't understand.

Let's forget about the Cabin and now let's talk about the Monster. In the chapter in which he pretended to attack Juliet and Kate but it was stopped by the sonic fense, he appears as three "mini-monsters" which get together to conform one monster. There is one thing about this chapter which I will say later, but now I want to focuse in the fact that, if we supose that the formers of the French team that Rousseau killed were forms of the monster (which appears to be pretty sure), it seems logical that the monster can take different forms at the same time, but, on the other hand, when it takes the form of Locke, it only has that shape, and when Christian appears Locke doesn't, and when Alex appears Locke doesn't. It's something rare.

Ben wanted to come back to the Island because he wanted to be judged. And he knows that he has to be judged by the monster, and he knows how to call him. We have to guess that that's something all the Others know, so if the Monster is something the Others know, and they even made a room for him under the Temple, why are they so afraid of him ONLY when Jacob dies? Don't they know that the monster is Nemesis? I don't think so. They only make circles of ash when Jacob dies, but why didn't they protect from the Monster when Jacob was alive? Maybe because Jacob had somehow imprisoned Nemesis and the fact of Jacob's death meant that Nemesis was free again, but that doesn't make sense as we've seen plenty of times the Monster in the Jungle...

unless that...

Jacob and Nemesis are both the same, I mean, they are "monsters" and can look like "black smoke" (as we've seen many times) or as "light" (as Locke saw but we didn't). That would explain the fact of a Monster (which would be Jacob) in the jungle apparently free, but that would mean that Jacob judged and killed Eko, the Pilot, etc. and so he would not be as "good" as he looks. Then it could be true that Nemesis was imprisoned in the Cabin, and when the circle of ash got broken he was free to leave the Cabin and kill Jacob. But again we have the problem of what Ilana said: "he's not here, he's not been here for a long time, someone else has been using it". That's something annoying.

AND HERE IS MY THEORY: I believe that Jacob and Nemesis are both black smoke or white light depending on who they meet. If they meet with someone wich they like, they look like "white light", but if they meet someone who is dangerous for them, they adopt the appearence of black smoke and try to kill them. I say this because of the chapter in which the monster attacks Juliet and Kate. When Juliet brokes her shoulder, we hear the monster (but we don't see it) and the girls hide in some trees but the monster finds them. When the Monster meets the girls, it appears to change into light and darkness, as if it was confused. I think that's because one of the girls is good and the other is not. As the monster meets both of them, it doesn't know which form adopt, and leaves. But the next day, we hear the monster again, and we see it as the black smoke. Why? Because Kate and Juliet fall into a puddle of mud and they get very stained, so the monster is not able to know who is the good ! and who is the bad and tries to kill them.

If this theory is true, that means that the monster we have seen until Ben's judgement was Jacob. That means that the one who killed the Pilot, met and killed Eko, dragged John in season one, killed the French team, and attacked Keamy and the merceneries was JACOB. Then, somehow, Nemesis was able to escape and he adopted the form of smoke monster to judge Ben, but the one who had to be in that room under the temple was Jacob, not Nemesis. That would explain why the Others know how to summon the Monster (which would be Jacob) and they know that it is the one who judges. I think this theory could be possible, the only thing which seems not clear is the fact of Jacob killing people, when he's supposed to be an entity that believes in the human being.

And, to finish, I want to say something which I read about Egiptian mythology: Anubis (the God of the "hell") had a kind of snake which was named Apophis (and which is seen in the picture of the monster's room). May the monster be Apophis? I think so. Why? Because the only way to kill Apophis is "to step on it with the left foot, stab it and burn it in a fire", and that's exactly how Nemesis (Flocke) kills Jacob.

Thanks for reading, and sorry because of the orthography (I'm Spanish)


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