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Dead is not dead by Cameo

I know so far, the Lost trend, "dead is dead" has seemed to have fallen through. What if dead, isn't dead, though.

By now we know smokey/mib can take the form of other people. Although we only have proof he can change in to Locke, it can probably be assumed he can take the form of whomever.

So as we've witnessed, smokey has taken he form of our beloved John Locke, this is revealed to us when we see Lockes body, and find out that he is in fact dead. So it's safe to say smokey doesn't "possess" people, but only takes the form of their body.

So what if dead, isn't dead? Even though Locke is clearly dead now, think back to when his father pushed him out of the window. Now think back to Jacobs flash back. When Jacob went over to Locke, he looked pretty dead. Of course anyone would look dead after falling from that high, but after Jacob touched him, it looked like he sprung the life back in to him, or woke him from the dead.

Another example of this is Christian Shepard. Sure, it's very possible smokey took the form of Christian too, we have no way of knowing right now. But we've witnessed him walking around, and seen + heard him speak in action. The main question here is what happened to his body. Once again, smokey doesn't possess bodies, he rather duplicates them. So what if Christian isn't dead, and Jacob, or Smokey even made it so.

Think of Sayid in the most recent episode. He was declared dead by the new others, who seem to know a little something about what they are talking about. So what made him wake up? Maybe it was the water that fixed him, but according to the others he has already died. So dead, wouldn't be dead, would it? I've seen some theories that suggest it may be smokey, or Jacob taking his body, but once again as far as we know, they don't posses bodies.

There are other smaller incidents where dead isn't dead seems to reign true as well. The woman who drown, the one Eko visited, was 'dead', until she woke up during her own autopsy.

So what I think is, dead is not necessarily dead, & i'm hoping to see the real John Locke back before the series end.

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