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Jacob is MIB by voidistant

A long time ago, a guy washed up on shore on the island. Something happened, and a rift was created that separated the man into two universes. Unfortunately this separated him into two possible outcomes, one being a concentration of the best of his attributes (kind, caring, honorable, etc) and the other his worst (cunning, mischievous, corrupt).

The two halves cannot stand each other, and thus each want to remain separated. Yet one wishes to remain on the island while the other longs to escape. They cannot kill each other because they are a part of each other. MIB's loophole came when John's dead body was transported back to the island. John was a candidate, therefore he was special in some way. So when he arrived on the island, a split in John Locke's universe occurred, and the MIB stole the split John's body and inhabits it with his own essence/soul. Since he is now able to exist in another body, he ha! s thus joined himself with another soul's "half" and is now whole, and therefore able to kill off the 1/2 of himself in Jacob without ceasing to exist. This explains why MIB has many of the memories and characteristics of John Locke.

There's still a few missing elements to my theory, but so far it's making sense when I explain it out loud to myself. Feel free to analyze, pick it apart, criticize, correct, etc.



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