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the answer is infront of our eyes by maya

well the answer of lost is that simple and its infront of our eyes . i think its the main idea behind the show . we have all the answers but sometimes we choose not to see it ,we choose the difficult way out ,we choose to torture our selves because we don't believe in ourselves we don't believe in our abilities and because of that we do the bad choices . and thats whats exactly happening to Jack , he didnt believe in himself in his abilities ,so he had to made or choose the wrong choices .

the answer to solve all the misery the losties went through is what Jack said in the last season ,it is to erase what happened on the island and save the plane from falling ,but the way to do that is not by blowing the the swan but by something else,something we are going to learn about it soon.and thats what obviously Jack succeeded to do.he did prevent the plane from crashing ,so no one dies . or in other words nothing happened on the island is actually happened .i think what jack did is erasing the island from ever existing and thats why we can see the people who were on that island ,we can see them in real life ,we see them now in different positions and therefore, we see different lines from what we've seen before ,like jack's Bendix .Jack will always have his Bendix out but how ?this how we get to see a different factors from what we've seen before ,and this is just one example of what iam trying to say .because the island never existed or in a better way to say tha! t,because what happened on the island didn't really happened we get to see a changes in the story lines of everybody's life. i dont know if you can follow me in this but what iam trying to express is that the past of the o 815 and the people who lived on the island led to the present of what's happening now on the island.so if what happened on the island was erased so the past of the survivors would not be the same .it means that Jacob wouldn't have to affect their lives .and thats why we see Hurley's luck in the flash sideways is changed .because what happened in his past and the other characters past led to now like fake lock said it was planned ,they didnt come to that island by chance .i dont know if i made my self clear but i think this explains why we see a different factors in their lives .

and now just a few thoughts or questions:

and whats the deal with Jacob isnt he a manipulative himself why he has to manipulate everyone and let them believe in something and it turns out to be the opposite thing.we learned the temple is the safest place on the island ,but in lasts night episode we learn that its not .but the question is:if Jacob knew all of this why he didnt warn them or warn Richard the loyal follower .ah thats because as Jacob told Hurley he cant tell people what to do ,he let them figure it out by their selves to believe in what they do and also because there are rules ,rules between Jacob and fake lock .they cant tell their candidates what to do they only can influence them in their own ways or in other words to manipulate them ,so,what they -candidates-decide to do at last is their own decision ,their own free will .but is that true i dont think because what Jacob and fake lock are doing to them is way far from free choice .

its a war between good and bad ,between free will and fate ,but we dont know who is the bad and who is the good.

one final thought ,why Jacob has to deliver his information through Hurley who used to be in an mental institution?????

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