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Ok more of a question but...

My question basically boils down to 1 question. Is Jacob (or Smokey for that matter) the superhuman force driving the Valenzetti equation, or is his fate subject to the equation, same as everyone else?

Let me explain a little.

Somehow Dharma/Valenzetti came up with the numbers/variables to the equation that dictated/predicted the fate of humanity (too many slashes?) and used them at the Hatch to keep the electromagnetic force at bay.

These same numbers were used by Jacob as identifiers for his candidates to take over his job. Did Jacob in effect create the Valenzetti equation by bringing the candidates to the island? Another way of saying this is; is the PREdestination of the Losties intertwined with the Destiny of the world, making them kind of god-like-ish figures? Or yet another way of saying this is; maybe the Losties ARE the Valenzetti equation? Is it possible Jacob gave Dharma the numbers? If so, why?

Or did Jacob know OF the equation that Valenzetti discovered and randomly assigned the numbers to each Lostie, knowing that the events to be plaid out would determine the equation outcome? That would mean Valenzetti discovered the numbers and gave them to Jacob, or Jacob found and used them.

Kind of a chicken or the egg question. I don't know if someone has already posted about this or if it even matters.

I just thought it was weird that somehow Dharma knows the numbers that Jacob just so happen to assign to the Losties, which also just so happen to predict the end of humanity. There has to be some common thread there? Or not.

Please any thoughts on this????

PS. The island is under water because the sea levels rose from global warming.....ok sorry just thought that was funny. Don't hate me.

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