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Different Jobs by Alexandrus

First of all I must say that I'm a spanish guy so bear with my english (I think it's not too bad).

Well, my theory is pretty clear and despite there are holes in it fits with the information the last chapter gave us.

The little blonde kid is one of the Another Others, the ones who are in fact "conected" to the island (he has five toes not four but not enough reason to negate it -> Joking). I have no idea of their purpose or motivations but they set or keep the rules of what is going on.

And what's going on can be resumed in at least 3 different roles: ISLAND PROTECTOR (light), SMOKE MONSTER (dark), ADVISOR (?). May be there are more but I don't realize any.

These rols are nowadays incarnated by Jacob (not any more), Flocke and Richard Alpert. Flocke and Richard are humans with special "superpowers?" (ageless, smoke shape...) but real people, at least once before taking the roles. We don't know about Jacob but I think it's the same.

This roles can be impersonated by anyone (don't know who or how they are dessignated) but they (the roles) must exist on the island, and each rol includes a set of "powers?" different from the other ones. When someone new possess a rol the another others teach him/her about it, its purpose and the rules for interact with the others (may be it's a game, may be it's something else).

The big holes on the theory are: we know nothing about the another others nor the purpose or the rules of the "game" and the rols themselves.

The things that made me think this way were that Flocke always wanted Richard by his side (may be ADVISOR can align with one or another), and Richard knows who really is SMOKE MONSTER (all the thing about "Seeing you out of those chains"). Also Floke is afraid or at least perturbated by the little-blonde-another-other kid (so the boy is above Flockes powers) and the kid seemed dissapointed at him.

Now Flocke seem to be not as evil as I tought before and Jacob more than I thougt. So they can be real people selected for one of the roles of the game and they are not Good or Evil but people (both of them). It implies that the ones who don't know anything about it may see SMOKE MONSTER (dark) as evil, something to fear at, and Jacob (light) may seem good, somebody you can trust. But they're just different roles in this "game".

Hope I have expressed clearly and you've enjoyed the theory.

Any comment is wellcome.

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