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Now there has been much discussion over the final scene, and speculation that it is Jack in Jacob’s role watching a ship come in. But does anyone else find it hard to imagine Jack as Jacob? I know I sure do. Here’s an alternative idea…

In the end, I think ultimately we will find that Jacob is bad, not evil bad, but bad because his obsession with protecting the island outweighed anything else. He was given a job, he was chosen as the island’s protector, and he took it to an extreme. His brother, perhaps out of jealousy, or doubt, or incredulity, found error in Jacob’s ways.

I think whoever settled the island, we’ll call them Egyptians for lack of any concrete evidence of the original inhabitance, died out, and the islands spiritual center remained. Jacob and his brother found themselves on the island, I’m thinking shipwreck, and the island began to speak to Jacob much like it spoke to Locke. “Tell me what to do?” Jacob would ask, and the island would respond. He was led by his faith to protect the island, and like Locke, was motivated solely by his conviction, motivated so strongly that he easily killed people who stood in his way. If we imagine Jacob as Locke, then who fills the role of the MIB, who doubts his actions at every single turn? Well Jack of course.

Now, I won’t try to begin to explain how they became ageless, or how the MIB can transform into the smoke monster, or the how and why of the game, but after Tuesdays episode, and seeing MIB doubt the islands power, doubt Jacob’s sincerity, I couldn’t help but think of Jack. “It’s just an island John.” “It’s just a button Desmond.” Etc, etc, etc…

Now, with Locke and Jack sort of illustrating the differing viewpoints, imagine the game beginning to take shape? Jacob isn’t playing for humanity per-se, I’m not sure how much he cares. I think his only concern is illustrating to his doubting brother, the power of the island, and perhaps its importance to mankind. This also parallels Locke and Jack, the man of faith converting the man of science to see his side, to understand. The desperation and the lengths Locke went to… killing, destroying, lying and manipulating, did nothing to sway Jack’s resolve to get the people the hell off the island. Jack wasn’t convinced by Locke, i.e., he wasn’t convinced by Jacob. One point for MIB.

Now, in the current timeline, with Jack in the temple, Jack seems to be swaying toward the side of Jacob. He is more open to things, not so doubtful, yada yada. So I began thinking if MIB was the original Jack, what could have happened to make him desperate to kill his brother? A woman perhaps?
Kate Austen, Jack’s one and only motivation it seems, every single thing he has done, he’s done for her. If somehow she winded up dead in Jacob’s pursuit of finding his replacement, in playing this game with his brother, in basically using the Losties as pawns in an epic century’s long game to prove a point to a disgruntled brother…Where does that leave Jack? Will Jack have some raw spiritual connection to the island? Will he risk everything to protect it? Will he spend hundreds of years, bringing righteous people to it to share in its awesomeness? Heck no he won’t. He’s Jack, we know him, we love him, we have been given more glimpses into his psyche than any other character. Why? Because he is the good guy? He is the hero? He is the one who will save us all? No. Jack is flawed. Jack is torn, confused, beaten, bruised, and doubts himself at every single turn. Yet, he’s Jack. He wants to help, he wants to heal, he wants to fix everything and make everything ri! ght again.
What if MIB wants the same thing? What if the MIB wants to destroy the island, destroy Jacob, end the game, to fix something? To make it right again? To put the world back in its proper place? To make ALT real?

Think it over…I sure did.

Yes, he’s the one that walks among us, but is not one of us, but Jack doesn’t have to be the next Jacob…HE could be the next MIB.

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