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There has to be at least two smoke monsters, and here is why:

In this season of Lost, the people at the Temple (upon learning of the death of Jacob) surround the Temple with ash. This is done to keep the MIB outside of the compound. We know that the MIB is the smoke monster, so this ash is meant to keep the smoke monster out.

However, this is not the first time that we have seen ash used as a barrier. We saw the circle of ash around the cabin. Originally, we were led to believe that the person trapped in the cabin was Jacob, but after what we know of Ilana and her reaction upon seeing that the ash circle had been broken, it is far more likely that it was the MIB that was trapped in the cabin.

Assuming that the smoke monster is the MIB, and not simply another entity that is controlled by him, and given that the people at the Temple use ash to keep the smoke monster (the MIB) out, it stands to reason that the ash that surrounded the cabin would have kept both the MIB and his form as the Smoke Monster within the ash circle. This would mean that the MIB (or smoke monster) would be trapped within the cabin, and couldn't have interacted with anyone outside of it.

If these assumptions are correct, than the smoke monster we saw through out the show is NOT the MIB, but a different smoke monster.

Here are my predictions: (Note, I have no direct evidence for these following predictions, it is just my speculation) I think there are actually 3 smoke monsters, and I only believe this because the smoke monster has been referred to as Cerebrus (in greek lore, this was the three-headed dog that protected the entrance to the after-life). Recall that the smoke monster we have seen has shown to behaviors: one that seems to kill, and one that does not.

I think if we can believe Locke when he says the names in the cave were written by Jacob, and if we recall earlier theories about the smoke monster being an entity that was judging and killing those that were deemed irredeemable, than it stands to reason that the other smoke monster (the one we have seen in earlier seasons) is not actually the MIB, but Jacob, and he has been testing and judging people from the airplane to see if they fit into his equation. Those deemed not worthy were killed (Eko for instance) while those deemed worthy were spared (Locke).

Additionally, the entity inside the cabin when Locke first visits (whom I believe is the MIB) had no body. It is only after the circle is broken, and he has chosen to possess Locke that he has a physical form. Perhaps the same is true for Jacob, and Jacob has just chosen to use the physical form we see him in as his default form.

All this makes me believe that Jacob is a highly manipulative and judgmental individual. I am excited to see if that is true.

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