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The real Locke (the one dead lying in the sand) will be resurrected once again on the island, much like that of Sayid.

Everyone is theorizing Jacob now being Sayid, but really, I doubt that is the case. First, it seems to obvious and convenient, things the writers shy away from. Also, why Sayid? Sayid is a great character and all, but he is not a main force, like Jack is, that one would except to directly oppose MIB now in the form of Locke.

I really do believe Sayid died from the drowning in the fountain, and there were no affects from it that caused his resurrection. I believe the only reason he resurrected in the end (as himself I should add, not Jacob or Richard) is because of Jacob's touch.

Jacob's touch is his own method of creating his loophole. If you notice the people that he touched (Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Jin and Sun, Sayid, and Hurley) are the only 815ers that are alive in both the alternate reality and the current timeline. Everyone else on the plane that we see is dead in the current timeline. Boone, Artz, Charlie, Frogurt, etc. Jacob's touch was delivered so that the recipients could live in two realities at the same time.

There are a lot of potential hiccups here in my theory though, seeing as we also saw Rose and Bernard, Cindy, and Claire (please add more if I'm missing). One would assume too that Walt and Aaron should be included since we know they survive. My argument against them is that we never saw Walt on the plane, and Aaron wasn't technically born until after the 815 crash/landing at LAX. Rose and Bernard can presumably be dead. We saw them living at the cabin in the 70's, but when Ilana's group sees the cabin in the future, they are no where to be found. Cindy was put on a list and probably made "special" while at the temple. And for all we know, Claire died while in the other's camp.

I believe Jacob's loophole is metaphoric in a way also. We have these individuals that he has touched living concurrently in two realities, but they seem like they are not fully independent from one another. We see Jack's neck become red, and his father's coffin disappear. We see Locke lose his knives and meet up with Jack. It seems inevitable that the Jacob touchees in the alternate reality will converge with each other, and converge with the original time line. It creates kind of a time loop post Incident. I almost think the writer's are intending the timeline of our story to follow the infinity symbol (the sideways figure 8). Think about it this way, the Incident is the point where the timeline's converge in the middle. On one hand, the Losties are never at the site and the Incident happens, causing the button pushing and subsequent 815 crash. On the other hand, the Losties detonate the hydrogen bomb, creating the alternate reality where they always land and the island en! ds up underwater for whatever reason.

On the back end of the infinity symbol, we have the post Incident era where the Losties aren't interacting with Dharma, and the other reality is where they are interacting with them.

So Sayid was living in two realities, but his death and resurrection mean that his consciousness was transferred in someway from the alternate reality to the present 2007 island time. I really think we will see Sayid now having to die in the alternate reality in the future to coincide with his resurrection in the original timeline.

Locke in the same way as Sayid can be resurrected on the island. How this will be done I do not know. Possibly the fountain is the key. I mentioned before that Sayid was simply drowned there, but now I think the fountain was needed to resurrect him. If Locke's real dead body ends up in the fountain, I believe he will be resurrected from the alternate timeline into the present original one.

I think Jacob's loophole is the converging of the two timelines in the future and the fact that he has a certain number of people (Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Jin and Sun at the top of my head) living in both realities. The fact that these individuals will later converge upon themselves later in life is his loophole, that is how Jacob will return to power, or be able to kill MIB, or end the infinite loop forever. Without touching them, they would have never been able to do this.

Obviously all theories prove to be wrong, and mine sure isn't perfect. I hate predicting exactly how things happen since that is impossible. I believe though my theory atleast will have some accuracy to what is going on, but please feel free to critique it and add other thoughts.

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