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Hi everyone, first time theory poster but long time reader. I was going to wait until the next 'Stop Lurking Day' but wanted to get this out there.

It contains mild spoilers, if you have not seen What Kate Does, go watch that first.

So, in LA X we saw Sayid return from the dead, kind of. I think its safe to assume that this is the same treatment Ben got when when he was shot by Sayid.

Now, what if because Ben DIDN'T (like Sayid) die and was healed by the waters and they didnt check for 'infection' because of this.
So when he was taken back to Dharmaville he then spread the 'sickness' which is resonsible for no more kids on the island, poor Ben was used as a vector to spread it as quickly as possible amongst Dharma, and then later amongst the Others.

Im also starting to think that F-Locke wants the Island for himself, and the sickness is his way of 'Purging' the island. He sees us as tainted or unworthy of his 'Home', which I believe is the Temple (he sure has a way into the catacombs and tunnels beneath, but not inside....yet).

However, Dogen and the Others have found a way to stop the 'infection' and this has Flocke mighty angry and I believe has forced him to bring his plan forwad, thus the using of Ben to kill Jacob and throw everyone (Richard, Others, Illana AND 815ers) through a loop, literally in some cases.

Now I have that off my chest, you can tear it apart and tell me where I have gone wrong.

Thanks for reading, and remember, we have no fate but what we make ;-)

From the desk of Andrew Ryan

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