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ALT is not what we think by Oliver Ramos

According to the events on the island, we tend to think that the ALT story is the consequence of Juliet detonating the bomb at the construction site. We have given for granted that it produced two separated timelines, but that's too weird and extreme for a show like LOST (especially after having to cope with all the time-travelling stuff).

As you all know, Jack goes to the toilet, checks his neck and notices a wound he just cannot get to remember. In a TV show nothing is shown without a reason.

My theory goes like this: Juliet detonates the bomb (that being the very event they planned to avoid) and all our friends are sent to 2007 and the story goes on from that point as we have seen till now (Juliet dies, Losties go to the temple, Flocke beats Richard, etc.). However, producers want us to believe that ALT stuff just to keep us away from the fact that what we call ALT is just what happens after something we haven't seen yet. The trick here is that we have been witnessing what will happen with all our friends after the very last on-island event.

To sum up, the ALT storyline is not a different reality after the detonation of Jughead, i.e no time-splitting. The ALT storyline is what will eventually happen due to on-island events we still have to discover. This is why Jack has a wound on his neck, something is going to make that wound on him just before they all are sent back to those plane seats.

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