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Hurley can't see dead people by StevieMars

The apparitions that have appeared to Hurley all this time has actually been MIB.

Like Jacob, MIB can go off the island and into the real world. MIB has the unique ability of impersonating dead people as he has appeared as Christian to Jack,Locke,and Michael as well as Yemi to Eko, the horse to Kate, Walt to Shannon, and all the others such as Charlie and Eko who have appeared to Hurley.

Jacob, who appeared to Hurley just a few episodes ago was really MIB.

The message in the ahnk of the guitar case did not read "Save Sayid" as the Others told the survivors but rather "Kill Sayid".

This is why Dogan took so long to answer the survivors on what the message read.

Just to make sure that the message was really from Jacob, they did the torture test on Sayid and found out that he was indeed "claimed".

Now, Dogan and the Other Others couldn't just shoot Sayid, because that would destroy Jack and crew's trust. (Just like how Dogan didn't tell Jack that the pill was poison.)

My belief is that MIB needs to claim (Locke, Hurley, Sawyer, Jack, Sayid, and Jin/Sun) "4-8-15-16-23-42" to get off the island and return 'Home'.

Since MIB can go off the island (example being he showed up as Christian to Michael on the freighter) his 'home' is probably in a different time period.

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