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Just a few random thoughts here. I thought it was a funny conversation that Hurley had with Miles in Some like it Hoth.(could even be a clue) Hurley was trying to get Miles to admitt that he talked to dead people. He even went as far as to say that Miles powers wern`t as cool as his. I am starting to believe that maybe all these people that Hurley claims to see have just been smokie this whole time.

Charlie visits him after he died on the island, he was playing chess with Eko when Sayid came to rescue him, etc. Even Dave I believe was just the smoke monster messing with him. We now know that even Sawyer see`s things like the horse that him and Kate saw, Sawyer seeing the little boy last week with MIb,etc. We are now seeing that more people than just Hurley seem to see things that others dont. I belive that Miles is truly the only one that talks to the dead( or at least knows their last memories). Even back in the! first season Jack see`s his father, Kate the horse, Sawyer the horse and little bloody boy,etc. My point is that Hurley thinking he is crazy or cursed is all because of smokie messing with his mind. I don`t really know why unless it is just to bring him to the island to have him killed so that he can`t become a candidate?? Feel free to comment. Just seems like the only person that can really talk to the dead is Miles, and Hurley has been decieved this whole time by smokie. All just part of the loophole?? Here are the people that we know for sure have seen versions of smokie: Jack, Hurley, Kate, Sawyer,Sayid(see`s Walt with Shannon) Shannon, Julliette( see`s Goodwins wife she tells them to go to the Tempest then vanishes)Ben see`s his mother, Eko see`s yemi, Charlie had the nightmare about baptising Arron could have been smokie in his dreams. I am sure there are more examples these are just a few. Sorry this isn`t a detailed theory I just thought it to be interesting to thi! nk about

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