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the hatch by sawyerandkate

okay so after watching the season premier I began to think, I have been rewatching season one as well and I have come up with some ideas, may not be a theory but it should make you think.

okay so here goes, in season 1 walt says to john locke don’t open the hatch. I think and I know this sounds far fetched, but I believe the hatch is the key to lost. This is because it was the hatch that caused the plane to crash, it was the hatch that Daniel and jack wanted to destroy so the plane never crashes and it looks like the hatch was the reason why the island is in the bottom of the ocean in the season 6 premier.

The writers have always said from season one it was something that has been always there on the island and right in front of our faces, I believe that the hatch is what we should be looking at.

Think about it, if the hatch was never the main purpose then they wouldn’t of been on the island at all, juilet detonating the bomb did work, this is because the bomb properly wiped out the island and new Dharma recruits were probably sent to the island to try and fix what happened but they couldn’t so that’s why the island is in the ocean with the shark with a dharma logo. Also if you think about it, the smoke monster maybe knew that the island would sink in 2004 and that’s why he tried to change events by taking john locke’s body and manipulating the time travel to his advantage.

I believe that if what Juilet done did work, then we are seeing the alt timeline with the oceanic flight never landing on the island, what we are seeing in the 2007 island losties is what actually happens and the developments of the bomb not working,

So to make more sense, we are seeing what would of happened if they landed at LAX with the island in the ocean and we are also seeing if the bomb never detonated what would of happened to the losties and the island and the war.

Just a thought.

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