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So if we look at our Losties in the new ALT timeline (lets call em ALTies), we can see apparently major differences in their attitudes and circumstances. I think that this is because they have not had their lives interfered with by Jacob as he was destroyed or whatever when the bomb went off.

Kate - Did not bother with the Haliburton case on the airplane because Jacob did not buy her the lunchbox as a kid, so she didn't bury it with the toy plane inside so it didn't end up in the box.

Sawyer - Seems a far nicer individual without the personal demons (chatted with Hurley amicably, was nice to Kate in the lift) because Jacob didn't give him the pen to write the letter with as a kid, so he didn't finish it and was able to move on from his parents deaths.

Jin and Sun - are apparently not married anymore. I think they were and got divorced. This is because the advice Jacob gave them at their wedding was essential to them learning to love each other, so as he didn't give it them their marriage fell apart.

Jack - I am not so sure on Jack as I think it is obvious there is something more going on with him. Perhaps the flash-sideways is actually his future and he's flashing a la Des in 3x08? But that's for another theory.

Locke - Now Locke is interesting. If he hadn't met Jacob then surely he would have died after being pushed out the window? That was the impression we got when Jacob touched him. Perhaps this is the reason why he was chosen for the Monster to use his body? Because the outcome was exactly the same in the ALT timeline, whether Jacob touched him or not he would have ended up in the wheelchair.

As for Hurley and Sayid who didn't meet Jacob before the crash:

Hurley - He won the lottery but is now lucky? That's because he won the lottery not using the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42, as obviously he never would have learned them as they came from someone hearing them from the radio tower.

Sayid - Seems pretty much the same guy as before. Not much to say, perhaps we need to see more.

Anyway plenty to pick over and wow wasn't that a fantastic episode :D

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