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Daniel Changed Everything by Andrewx3

This theory might be a bit of a reach, but hell I figured I'd go for it.

Remember when they flashed back to the 70's? And Daniel left the island for 3 years to work on the mainland. Well, what if he figured out that he could change things, so he went to the mainland and found all of the people on the island and altered their lives as children to assure that they would do things differently, and that's what we're seeing as the "ALT"? I think that what we're seeing is their lives after they've been altered in the past. The only thing that I can connect it to is Daniel leaving the island and doing more experiments off the island.

Let me make it clear that I don't believe that until the last drop of this show is shown, that we will have all the information that we need to make an accurate theory to what really happens. But I think that what we're seeing with the sideways flashes are the lives of the 815 that they're living as altered by the actions of themselves in the 1970's. I have no evidence that it is Daniel, but I think that he could have had a hand in it.

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