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Remember back in the day when Jacob's Cabin was all the rage? Everyone had their own theories on who Jacob was (some people even suggested it was Vincent or Rose...)

-- when "The Man Behind the Curtain" first aired, all of us with Tivo rewound that classic scene in the cabin, right after we heard "Help me", and stuff starts flying around the room. Then, we got a split-second glance at a ghost like figure who we all assumed was Jacob. Soon the screencap was all over the internet, and millions of fans simultaneously said together "Hey, that's John Locke!!" There were dozens of websites analyzing the picture of "Jacob" and comparing it to John Locke. The producers shrugged it off with something along the lines of John Locke is not Jacob. And they were right, because we can assume Jacob was NOT in the cabin at this point in time...it was THE SMOKE MONSTER!! / MIB / Jacob's Nemesis, etc, etc.

It now makes perfect sense that the being we saw in the cabin WAS the image of John Locke, now knowing MIB is permanently stuck in Locke's form (according to Ilana). Although it may have just been a very clever foreshadowing on the producer's behalf, a major scene like that serves as much more than a literary easter egg. Anyways, my theory claims the circle of ash around the cabin was to keep MIB trapped inside, not to keep him out. I think this had been made fairly obvious using what we know: MIB cannot kill Jacob, therefore, when Jacob was using the cabin he'd really have no reason to try to keep MIB out. I mean, sure, MIB could come knock down his dog painting and smash some windows, but the point is Jacob is not afraid of MIB. I think MIB can't CROSS the circle of ash, so if there's a circle of ash around him, then he simply cannot move out of the circle...but how did he get in there?? Keep reading!

I know what you're saying right now: "Hey stupid, MIB took Locke's form way after that, in 2008. They visited the cabin in 2004."....Yes, this is true on a linear time level. The juice of my theory is that I believe the story around the cabin will be revealed in this season (hopefully, there's not much time left), but as you can clearly see, we're done with "flashbacks" and "flashforwards" now. Everything that is happening in this timeline we've been in for five seasons is happening NOW. SO now it's time put some stuff together:

- We know in season 5, there was a group of people moving through time on the island, and everything they touch went with them (zodiac, compass, canoe, etc). To the island dwellers like Ethan and Richard, these people and objects would appear and disappear without reason. As we know in Rose and Bernard's case in "Because You Left", objects and people can also move LOCATION as well. Simply put, we are failing to consider that events like this may be happening ALL THE TIME (pun intended!) on the island, which is why the CABIN is disappearing and reappearing in different places!! When the Incident occurs, regardless of if the bomb went off or not, there was definitely a time flash. As we know, the Cabin was probably around in 1977, as Horace was building it. The incident sent the cabin off through time, and the best part is, it could be USED to time travel if you were inside it.

The cabin is on a "broken record" permanently, but it's appearances are not random; MIB was well aware when Locke, with a bullet in his leg, time traveled to 2008... "The Island Told Me". He is so in tune with the island that he knows when and where the cabin will be at all times. It has it's own window (metaphorical window -- obviously the cabin has real windows) just the like island does.

However, Jacob too is aware of the windows the cabin is appearing. At some point in time, Jacob tricks MIB to enter the cabin and surrounds it with ash, trapping him inside! This why sometimes we see the smoke monster out and about, but often not, for long periods of time...because at certain points, the cabin moves outside of the ring, or to a time when the ring has yet to be created, and he's free to move about -- only until the next time flash though. once MIB knew that John Locke's dead, pale body would be coming back to the island, he simply took a minute on one of his island romps in 2008, grabbed a stick, and broke the circle of ash himself, knowing that he could mimic john's body once he traveled to that time.

Ben was the leader of the others for 12 years before john locke crashed on flight 815. Ben is a damn liar, but one thing i believe is that he has "never seen Jacob" (before killing him, of course). But still, even if he hasnt seen Jacob, he surely knows about a contained threat against hist people... When Locked asked to see Jacob, and Ben agreed to take him there....then why would Ben take Locke to the cabin to begin with if he didn't know where to find Jacob??! BECAUSE HE KNEW THE SMOKE MONSTER WAS TRAPPED IN THERE. Ben wanted to wipe out Locke, and therefore took him down to Smokey's Cabin for what he thought would be a quick and easy kill. Instead, Smokey asked John to "help him." This freaks Ben out, because he knows there's some wicked bad stuff inside that cabin. Up until season 6, any mention of "Him" was considered to be Jacob. Even the producers confirm that "Him" is Jacob in some podcast -- but we also know the producers are cunning, and are constantly say! ing things to throw us off. Now, in season 6, Lennon refers to MIB as "Him", as in, "to keep Him out". Switch back to Man Behind the Curtain, Locke is laying in a ditch, shot by Ben -- John gasps "why are you doing this!" and Ben explains "Because you heard HIM". NOW, looking back, Ben realized that John had made communication with the smoke monster, and not only that, it was ASKING for John to help him. Ben had no choice but to take John out then and there, knowing the threat that existing within that cabin.

Also, we should make note that the smoke monster constantly made appearances during the rain in the first three seasons. I think that the ring of ash simply WASHED AWAY when the rain started, and that is why the monster is out doing his thing! The ash would have to be reapplied after the rain was over, i guess.

anyways, short theory long, MIB has been trapped in the broken record time traveling cabin for hundreds and hundreds of years, which is why he looked like an super old Locke when we first saw him in season three. yay.

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