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I believe the Smoke Monster / MIB came to Ben before the crash of Oceanic 815 and Ben is in fact the loophole, not Locke.

My belief is that when Sayid shot Young Ben, Ben got infected by Smokey without the Others / Jacob knowing.

Smokey met with Ben throughout Ben's life but never told him he was evil / wanted to kill Jacob.

Let's look at some unexplained scenes...

* Ben kills Locke
My belief is that Desmond not pushing the button did not cause 815 to crash. Jacob caused the plane to crash. Example: How did the Ajira flight crash? Answer: Jacob. My belief is that Faraday's mom is also infected and on Smokey's side. That whole "You have to recreate 815" stuff is bull.

* Ben gives out detailed and specific orders to the Others camp as the plane crashes.
- This clearly shows that Ben had prior knowledge that a crash would happen. Smokey probably told Ben that they were coming after learning about Jacob's plan.

* Charles Widmore being banned from the island.
My belief is that Smokey got Ben to frame Widmore in a plot to kill Jacob. Widmore is sent off the island and Ben becomes the new leader.

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