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Big Fish and Jacob by Todd2112

First time poster, long time observer ;-)

After watching "What Kate Does" and "LA X" the movie Big Fish popped up in my head. I know there has been a theory going around that everything could just be taking place in someone's mind(Hurley as he was institutionalized?). What if the whole show of what we have seen so far is just an exaggeration of true events that are taking place(in that the new alternate timeline is the real timeline). Seeing events mirroring previous events and people and names popping up made me think this(Ethan being a doctor helping Claire with her baby and having the name Goodspeed, Charlie was supposed to die,,,)
I hope that the final answer is more concrete than this theory, but after every new episode my overall theory changes anyways lol.

Something totally unrelated to the above theory, what if Jacob touching the select characters in "The Incident" is a way to give them an awakening in the new alternate timeline. So far both Jack and Kate have seemed to act like they are realizing something isnt quite right about this new timeline(Kate's reaction to hearing the name Aaron).

Thanks all!

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