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Adam & Eve possibilities by Neil_Frogurt

I've been wondering who the Adam & Eve Skeletons were for a couple seasons now, and when the Losties time traveled back last season, i thought for sure we'd get a clear idea of who they were, however, now with seemingly all of them brought 'Back to the Future' its a little harder to pinpoint...so lets go thru the list of possibilities and see what we can eliminate

--I don't think (and hope not) that Darlton would introduce any new characters this season and have them turn out to be the answer to a question that was raised all the way in season 1...So i guess that would rule out any Jack + Wife theories from the supposed alt timeline and anybody else who may come visit the island this season

--Desmond + Penny: We've seen Eloise Hawking tell Desmond that his business on the island is not quite done yet, and based on the Darlton interviews and soundbites, they've alluded to Desmond once again returning to the island again....however, we've also seen him tell Penny that he would "never leave her again" and adamantly say "he'd never return" to the island, which is basically a clue that he def will lol. Soooo since he wouldn't to leave Penny behind again, and since she surely wouldnt want to let him go alone, could it possibly be Des & Pen's corpses?

I know it would require them somehow traveling back in time and dying on the island and thats seemingly outlandish at this point in the story, but hey u never know..

-- Kate & Sawyer: There's plenty of rumors swirling around that plenty of our Losties would be dying off this season...If Kate and Sawyer were to be victims, would that be a spot for their last resting place? They could never be together while they were alive cuz of difficulties and stubborness, but maybe they could be together in death poetically? idk, not a fan of this idea too much cuz again it would require time travel, but hey again, its a theory

--Rose & Bernard: the clearcut favorites for the Adam & Eve title so far....We've seen them living happily back in the 70's, just wanting to be alone and live their life together, and since the Losties have jumped back to the current time, we've yet to see Rose and Bernard back in this time ... Since they found happiness back in the 70's, and showed no interest in partaking in any more adventures, one can see how they could have remained in the 70's...maybe those corpses are a proof of Jughead indeed exploding and killing them while they were getting water from that well or canoodling in the rocks, who knows..

Sure this is seemingly too obvious of a choice for LOST but looking back on rose and bernard history, they're story is always full of those "awww" moments...when we found out that Bernard was actually White it was a nice twist, and from then on they continued with their love story as a nice juxtaposition to the chaos going on with the rest of the Losties...So maybe in a season where some of our fav losties die tragically, their love story wraps up nicely as a moment of happiness in an otherwise sad final season...

other theories on this at all? love to hear some feedback..and if theres any other similar theories like this, sorry, i dont really read all of the other ones.

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