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Over and over (Pun intended? You be the judge!), people have shown their concerns and dismay towards a potential ALT timeline. How would this relate to the overall plot? Would it erase the timeline that we’ve come to know and love, or would it just draw focus away from the one timeline we really care about…

But one has to assume that the writers would only include an ALT if it has direct relevance and/or contributes to the importance of our main plot. Yes, they might use misdirection to lead us astray, but if they choose to go down the ALT route, then one can be sure that it will be worthwhile and somehow relevant to the plot and characters we know and love. Thus, this theory is about one possible scenario for achieving these ends.

Jack wakes up on the plane headed for LAX. It appears that his plan has worked, and all has reset… He and his fellow Losties are none-the-wiser about the previous timeline they were present in. However, as events begin to unfold, we can clearly see that they are once again drawn to the island… We might even think that course-correction or the island are bringing them back, but as we look closer, we see that it is the Losties of the previous iteration who have been marooned in 1977 (ALT time) after the incident gone behind the curtain to get these ALTies on their right track…(that being them getting to the island for the “Big Battle”.) Then we might also find out that the new ALTies end up, through some crazy circumstance, having to turn that ever fateful Donkey wheel, landing them in the past again, and being instrumental in preventing the “prevention” of the Crash of 815, that I’m sure we saw in “The incident” last season, and then they will go behind th! e curtain in the original timeline, pulling the strings that helped get the Original Lostie to crash there in the first place.

So basically, it could even go as far as the original losties being behind the curtain in the ALT, and then the final twist of the ALT losties then being behind the curtain to get the original Losties to the island. An ultra mindf@$# mobius loop of Losties behind the curtain!

This is what is known as a Mobius loop, Or figure "8" loop if you like.

So once they finally succeed in getting everything in order in the universe, and everyone on their paths, then they flash back to their on-island bodies (with all of their memories from both iterations intact) for the final scenario to play out in ONE ISLAND TIMELINE. Of course, we won’t see it all in this order (it will all most likely be out of order and/or simultaneous with the island timeline for us), but this will only serve to add to the confusion and speculation; Truly, what would be better than to find out that the Losties have been intimately involved this entire time in contributing to their own personal destinies.

Some would say, “You are the cause of your own suffering!”

But of course, where things go from here is still pure speculation though. Volcanic eruption maybe? Locke vs Locke Death Match?

So what do you think?

Questions and comment much appreciated!

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