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Sara by Kastrato

I Believe is very possible the existance of a "Sara" on Lost.

Sara was a biblical woman who had no children since her 90th years of age.And then she had a son, Isaak (Jacob's father).
God told Abraam ,Sara's husband , that he eventualy will have a son.Shara told Abraam to have it with their servant because she was very old.

And so he did but little later they found out that Shara was pregnant too.So Abraam had two sons.Samuel from the servant and Isaak from his wife.
Isaak was Jacob's father .
My theory on Lost is :
Samuel(MIB) is Bernard's-Rose's child.
Samuel consived on the island .After the Incident Rose didnt flash.Little later Rose died on Samuel's birth . Bernard flashed and followed the Alternative.
The child was doomed to his death, but It was a polar bear that helped the child to survive.
Rose died in the caves and many years later Alternative Bernard will join her eternal sleep and they will be together again and forever.

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