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This is not a WHH theory first off. I for one am leaning towards and ALT along theory, but that doesn't dismiss what have to say here.

That is that this notion that any changes made in '77 somehow created a new timeline from that point on, just does not seem to make sense to me, and I present the following reasons.

1. Mrs Hawking: She expressed knowledge that she'd shot Daniel in the past, but sent him back anyway knowing she'd shoot him again. If she knew she'd shoot him again, then she'd know it was unavoidable, meaning that she knows Daniel would commit the same actions, meaning that he always had done that. There'd be no reason to think that for some reason he'd do things differently, or else she would have coached him to do something differently.

2. Chang's Arm: We saw Chang was missing an arm in an orientation video. During the Season 5 finale, we see his arm crushed. Soooooooo they just showed us an alternate arm crushing, but not the actual version of how his arm went missing. If that's true wouldn't you still be wondering how his orientation video self lost his arm?

3. Ben: We've wanted to know for so long how Ben became an other, and a leader of them. But if in '77 they created a new timeline, then season 5 didnt give you one new piece of information despite all the time they focused on him, because season 2 Ben would have grown up in a different reality they haven't shown us.

4. The War: "There's a War coming," Widmore said it, Hawking pushed them back to the island with all her might, Ben drug them back, but why would any explanation to their motivations make sense if they changed the timeline, because none of them would have the least idea of what to expect. Everything would be new. Perhaps they would want that, and that's great, but how would Widmore know to expect a war?

5. The Runway: We saw them building the runway in Season 3. There is sits in season 5 as 316 crashes. But if the timeline had altered, then there would be zero connection between the people we saw building the runway and the finished product we saw later on.

6. The Incident: So all of this mystery as to what the Incident actually was. We get to flash to the time period it takes place in. But "oh,,, sorry,,, we're going to show you an alternate incident and not the one you've been pining for information on this whole time. That one you'll never hear about."

So again, I'm not standing on pure WHH, but what I'm saying is that any ALT usage must make some degree of sense, and so it must be that the Losties in '77 timeline simply has to connect with everything we've ever seen through the entirety of the show

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