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Exodus Theory by Lockewillsaveusall

Ok so I think I found a major clue to explaining lost in Exodus Pt 2. The scene in the conversation that Sun has with Shannon after Claire's baby gets stolen by Roseau she says to her something along the lines of "Do you think all this, all we've been through do u think were being punished? and shannon says punished for what and Sun says for all the things we did before, the secrets we kept, the lies we told and then shannon says what do u think is punishment and sun says fate and claire says no one is punishing us there is no such thing as fate and then the same music is played as in the finale when flocke is walking with the others to kill jacob

Ok so what if that's what lost is all about in exodus its the first episode of the series that its not one character's flashback and its everyones and it just means that everyone is being tested by jacob and the m.i.b. to see who should be left to be on the island in every scene of exodus every character is punished in someway for sins commited int the past and they have to repent which the producers have said is a major theme on lost also if you look up the definition of exodus on dictionary.com and you look at the religious side of it it basically says that exodus is a time when the people of Israel where being led by god into the promised land. Also exodus means literally deprarture. Could this mean that the island is some sort of holy promise land and that each generation has a certain people chosen that are allowed to enter this promise land in the hopes of finally creating a perfect society? Is this what Jacob is trying to achieve.

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