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During season 5 when the words "whatever happened, happened" left Daniel's mouth I took it as law. I thought the only reason we were going back to the 70's was because is so that they could fill in the gaps about DHARMA and that was it. So what happened? Daniel came back and said that he was wrong. So what do we believe? I firmly believe that they can change things. But here's the best part, not all of them can. Sawyer and his group traveled back and they were supposed to. If they hadn't then Daniel wouldn't have been able to come back to the Island and tell everyone they needed to leave and then Miles and Charlotte would have dies when DHARMA was purged which we know didn't happen. Jack and his group, however, were not supposed to be there.

When Daniel came back and saw Jack he said something to the effect of "you're not supposed to be here" and I believe he was right. What was supposed to happen was Daniel was supposed to wander into the others camp, get shot, and that was supposed to be the end of that. Instead Jack and Kate were with him when they weren't supposed to be. Because they were there they were able to tell the others about the plan to detonate the bomb. So the Elloise helps them get the bomb and they make their way to the swan site while Kate gets thrown on the sub and tells Sawyer and Juliet about the plan which wasn't supposed to happen. Sawyer and them probably wouldn't even have been on the sub if it wasn't for Jack and them. Jack and his group are the variables. Once they set these things into motion then everyone else also became the variables because Jack and his group were already changing things. So in the end they made swan site and Juliet detonated the bomb.

Now before I go into what I believe happened after the bomb went off let me go over why I think Jack and his group are the variables. It's all thanks to the man in black. He found his "loophole" (whatever that means, I still don't have a solid theory about that) and he went through such great lengths to get it. So he (in Locke's body) told Richard to tell our Locke that he needed to die. Still with me? He was expecting Locke to die and that was it. Of course he found out our people were the Ajira flight before that but it didn't seem to worry him all that much at the time. He knew about the flash that took some of them off the flight too but again, it didn't seem to worry him. Well I do believe that Jacob was responsible for the flash that took Jack and his group back to the 70's. And because the man in black was so careless in order to get Locke to die he ended up letting the free will of Jack step in. And because all that happened they became variables.

Now we know that Jacob touched some of our survivors and I think I know why, but more on that in a minute. I've read so many theories about how they erased everything that happened and this is the new timeline but I don't buy it. I've also read some theories on multiple timeline theories but in my opinion some of them didn't have enough explanation or went way too far and over the top. I do in fact believe it is multiple timelines but I only believe there are two. There is the one that we have been going through in the last 5 years with this show which I believe will still be shown a lot and then we have the new timeline that was created thanks to Juliet detonating the bomb. Richard said that he watched our people die and I believe that he did. I believe that some how our people are going to die. And now we are back to the Jacob thing. Jacob knew what the man in black was planning some how and stayed one step ahead of him the entire way even when he knew it would lead to his! death in our timeline. After they die, the people that Jacob touched are going to find themselves on Oceanic flight 815 headed for LA. And they will have all their memories intact. But if you think about it all the people he touched are in the 70's and if this theory is true then they are about to die (with the exception of Locke which is already dead but the second he died the same thing happened to him). So they are now on flight 815 and because the swan site is gone they make it to LA (probably after they stop at Fiji to repair the radio). They all have to deal with their obstacles (like Kate being arrested and Sun thinking Jin is crazy because she didn't die and end up having all her memories in the other timeline but Jacob wasn't their to touch her) but after that they need to go back (again). I don't know who will end up going back (and if all this is true I hope some of the survivors who died in previous seasons go back) but I do know the ones who were touched need ! to go back.

So they make it back and and the Island is different. They find a way to go to the other timeline and everyone reunites with Sun, Richard, and Frank (I know this part seems a little light on details but that's because there are so many other was they could get back to our timeline). I really don't have any theories for what happens after that but I'm sure as the season starts I'll have more. Even if this is all wrong (which it probably will be) I just hope our Locke comes back and we get to see the new chemistry between Locke and Jack who now believes in fate.

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