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His(Miles) original purpose on the Island was to help retrieve Ben...But Miles has always had a secret agenda of his own....

...Here we go...we will start with....


He has the ability to talk to the dead...period. -but what are his other features?......

Starting with the Obvious...

1)Able to talk to the dead.
(this has been shown many times...)

2)Able to tell how long someone/something has been dead for.
(He displayed this with the 1954 Army guys and on the beach
with the wild boar he found "dead in the jungle for 3 hours")

...now this one is theory....

Why do I say this?...well....
A)He knew Michael was not Kevin Johnson(Mike died shortly
after that).

B)He knew about Charlotte being from the Island(She died
shortly after this).

......this one is also theory....

C)He commented on Claire not being Okay(You know what happens



Like I said...He originally came to help capture Ben...but also..
when Bram and crew came and ruined Miles fish taco...they told him about his father being on the Island(this can be seen in "Some like it Hoth").

....so what?....Well...this was not just brought to Miles attention by the "Other" Others....He thought about this for a while(He asked his Mom on her death bed,where his Father's body was buried).Miles has always been curious and wanted to find the truth by talking to his Father's spirit or soul(however it works)....this never happens...why?....cause he meets his Dad, live and in person! and actually finds out the Truth with his own eyes...so, no need to talk to his Dad's body....

.....which leads me to.....


There are THREE MAIN CHARACTERS from the 70's era of LOST.




We seen #1 and #2's fate....but not Chang's???

...So what if Miles was to have found his Dad's body back in 2004?..or He might even flash to 2007 if he survives "JUGHEAD"?...What tale would it tell us?

Chang,I don't think ended up in that ditch...I think he might have died some other way(I'm sure they are saving that for season 6).

They even spread the three out to make it more of a string-a-long mystery(Horace in the mass grave,Rad in the Swan,Chang??).

This is why Miles has been kept around...to help us learn and tie-up the loose ends with some of the dead things around the Island.

Miles will solve these Mysteries....

1)Adam and Eve.
2)Black Rock slaves.
3)Maybe he will find where Kelvin buried Rad.
4)He will talk to MAGNUS HANSO(which I think Widmore was hoping for,due to prob Magnus's resting place is hard to find,prob).

...Oh!...and I bet Miles went and visited his Mom's grave before getting on that Freighter,so he could get the heads-up on what he might be getting into(I would).

...That's it for me,for now...Enjoy!

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