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I have an overall prophecy/theory for the end of the show. In order to get it you have to remember the dream Walt told Locke in Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham. If anyone has posted something along these lines I apologize.

First off, Walt told Locke that he had dreams of him in a suit and that everyone wanted to hurt him. I was thinking - how could this be. When we first heard Walt say this we thought OK - that's fine cause Locke is alive. Well, now we know that he's dead and MIB has been using his body since Aijra crashed. So how does this change things? MIB in Locke's body right now is NOT WEARING A SUIT!!!

This is proof that Locke - THE REAL LOCKE - will return. It makes perfect sense. Why else would EVERYONE want to kill him? Notice Walt said everyone. If everyone on the island now knows or at least finds out that MIB has been using Locke's body and that the real Locke is dead, then they would surely want to kill Locke. But, MIB using Locke's body right now does not have a suit on. SO far we have not seen a group of people who want to kill Locke while he is in a suit. So this means that this is yet to happen.

I believe that Locke in the suit, laying in front of the statue will rise again and truly resurrect. If he truley is special then what is more special than this. And when he does resurrect everyone will be scared and think that it's just MIB again using his body. Then Walt's dream will make sense. Hopefully they won't hurt or kill Locke again. Maybe this is where we are finally going to see the final showdown between Jack and Locke. Just food for thought - please leave commments - they're the best part.

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