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Sawyer's foot and Libby's identity by Stevie T.

Hey guys, just had a couple theories that came to mind while I was rewatching a couple episodes from season 2. One of the theories made a lot of sense to me when my buddies and I were up drunk last nite and surprisingly it still made sense this morning so I decided to post it. My second little theory is a little bit out there and more of a crackpot, but ill leave that up to you guys to decide- here we go.

My first theory is in regard to sawyer's oft injured and bare feet. Much like how many believe that Locke lost the use of his legs near the beach craft with Boone because in the future he was shot by Ethan in the same spot- I believe sawyers pension for walking around barefoot getting things caught in his feet is another similar example of this. At first I started thinking that sawyer was going to get his leg amputated like Boone or badly break his ankle. As I thought about this I realized it to be a little to extreme- I mean you can’t have a main character lose his leg even if it is in the very end of the series. That is why I made a prediction that by the end of season 6 Sawyer will shoot himself in the foot. You heard it hear.

Like I said, my second theory is a little more crackpot. This is mainly because there is actually plenty of evidence that would suggest this theory is completely false, but hey, that what theories are for right. OK, so Darlton has stated on several occasions that Libby's story is donezo, but can we really trust them. Although they might not elaborate on her story and give her a flashback or something, don’t you think it might be possible that we might get a clue, video clipping, line of dialogue, anything that might suggest who she actually is?

While watching the finale of season 2 when Libby gave her boat to Desmond I couldn’t help but think of who she could be; and I think I figured it out: Karen DeGroot. Now before you stop reading, remember I said this was a little crackpot. I know we have “technically” seen Karen and Gerald DeGroot in the Orientation video, and it definitely wasn’t Libby. Also there is the obvious name difference, her name is Elizabeth or “Libby” not Karen, and when she is talking to Desmond she mentions her husbands name was Matt or something. But with all the secrecy of DHARMA is it possible they used aliases in the real world and actors in the orientation videos. A possible scenario I came up with is that at some point Gerald and Karen’s DHARMA creation starts to go haywire as the people funding their experiments (widmore/Hanso?) begin to become more controlling and demand results that the DeGroots might find a little morally questionable. In an effort to stay alive, they leav! e Ann Arbor, buy a boat, change their names, and stay on the down low until eventually Gerald dies; or is killed… by Sayid! No just kidding on that one. I couldn’t help myself. On this Libby theory ill leave you with one last nugget. When Libby lands on the island who is the person she likes the most and seems to have a bit of a crush on: Hurly. And who does hurly look like… that’s right Gerald DeGroot. Let’s just say she has a type.

Let me know what you guys think, sorry if I’m walking on treading ground, I haven’t been reading theories for awhile. 11 days till season 6 baby!!!!!!!

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