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The Theory of Wrongness by Holy1

I've read a great number of theories and resulting comments about what will happen, who will do what, what the monster is or isn't, what Jacob and MIB are, and have come to one conclusion...they are all wrong.

TPTB have been amazing for 5 seasons. I remember back when I read the Mirror Matter theory and thought, "Yeah, that's it." Well, it wasn't it...not even close. I see the regulars on this site criticizing people's new theories and getting their panties in a bunch when someone "steals" their ideas or doesn't do a full theory search to see if something similar has already been posted. Take a breath, guys, you may love this show, but be aware that it isn't the real world.

My theory is that EVERY THEORY on this site is wrong (except this one ... LOL). My bet is that we won't figure out what the Smoke Monster is until TPTB show us. We won't know how the statue falls or what happened to the Black Rock until TPTB want us to know. Yeah, if you throw out enough guesses maybe one or two may prove right, but that doesn't mean anyone has figured out the show. What's my proof? History. For 5 seasons, people have been tossing around theories, but it wasn't until Jacob and MIB had their little conversation on the beach that anyone had a clue what was going on. Is Ben a good guy? Is he a bad guy? I don't know...neither do you. Yeah, you have a 50-50 shot at being right, but you don't KNOW.

And listen, I'm not suggesting anyone stop posting theories...it's just the opposite. My point is that maybe some of you Lost Nerds can get off your high horses and stop being so critical. The fact is that you nerds have absolutely nothing to do with the creative genius that has gone into Lost. No matter how much data you compile, this is a show and we are all making guesses and calling them theories. Like everyone else, you are Viewers...nothing less and certainly nothing more.

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