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This theory is an explanation of what I think will happen in the opening of the new season. You have to remember Desmond in the Constant. Let me explain.

When Juliet hits the Jughead there is a white light. This white light will trigger the same type of time travel that Desmond experienced in The Constant. All of the Losties and everyone else there will die, but their consciousness will travel to them in different parts of their lives. For some in will be at the moment the plane was originally supposed to crash on the island. Dome people might freak out on the plane similar to the way Desmond acted on the helicopter ride to the freighter in season 4 The Constant. He did not even know who Sayid was, but back home when his consciousness shifted to his normal life, he knew exactly what was going on and was able to do things that did not normally happen.

For instance, Desmond got hit with that paddle in the bar with the soccer game in Season 2. That was different – he changed history because as he originally recalled the event, it was someone else who got into a fight. That paddle was meant for someone else, but Desmond’s flash and knowledge of things that already happened stopped it from happening. This will be the overall feel and theme for the beginning of the 6th season.

Like Desmond, things from the island will flash to the Losties and they will think they are crazy. As a result, they will try to make sense of this by talking with and meeting with people they saw in their flashes of island life. In some cases we may also see our Losties’ consciousnesses flash to key points in their life and try to do things differently. They don’t necessarily have to flash to the point where the plane was about to crash. This would be interesting and give credence to the fact that producers said that season 6 will be reminiscent of season 1.

What if we saw our Losties flash to points in their life (flashbacks we remember from season 1) and they try to change their past? They try to change to one thing that made their lives so problematic. If you think about it, for most characters, there are key turning points. If they just did one or two things differently their lives would have been drastically different. Jack’s decided to turn his dad in – you know the rest. Kate killed her dad – you know the rest. Sawyer searching for his parents’ killers, Sayid and his torturing, Locke and his father. The list goes on. People who have already died? What can happen there I don’t know. Charlie with the drugs, Claire with the baby, Boone and Shannon’s relationship. The list goes on. Maybe all of these things for both those who died and those who didn’t can be changed and people’s lives can be saved.

Of course this could be totally off the wall and the producers can go in a whole other direction, but this is how I see the season panning out. Why else would they create the whole subplot on Desmond and Penny? Looking back, season 5 dealt with actual time traveling, Faraday knew about Desmond’s ability and knew it was different from what was happening to them on the island. Why would the producers show us this type of time travel and then never really explain its true importance to the show? Love to hear your thoughts – season six is in less than 2 weeks. The 5 year wait is finally over.

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