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This theory is that Juliet came from a different reality than Hurley and the rest of the 815ers, one in which Apollo bars existed (and who knows what else was different). An explanation:

Event 1 -- Sometime before September 2004:

Juliet's ex-husband was hit by a bus in Miami before she came to the island. The bus had an Apollo candy bar ad on its side. (Season 3, Episode 7)

Event 2 -- Sometime after September 2004:

In the Swan hatch, Hurley mentions to Rose when he finds the Apollo Bars: "Apollo bars? Ever hear of these?" If a person of Hurley's size + food knowledge capacity had not heard of it, I'm guessing it probably wasn't around where + when he and his fellow 815ers came from.
(Season 2, Episode 4)

Possibility #1) Continuity error
Possibility #2) They came from different timelines/realities

Note: Another pre-815-crashing "Apollo Bar" moment was from the Season 5 finale where Jacob hands Jack the bar in the hospital. This may point to Possibility #1 (continuity error), but it may also be that the Jack+Jacob scene was from a different reality/timeline than the original flight 815 -- maybe the same one Juliet came from. Also pt. 2: Desmond may have come from the same timeline/reality as Juliet, since there was an "Apollo" ad in the soccer match he was watching in the episode Flashes Before Your Eyes.

I'd be interested to hear thoughts of others on this theory. Please be kind, don't hate! :)

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