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The Real Man Behind The Curtain by la Vigne

Who was in the cabin? Who told Locke to "Help me"? Who scared the crap out of Hurley when he stubbled upon the cabin?

We were first led to believe it was Jacob. Then we were led to believe that it was really MiB in the cabin. I think the proverbial sheep's wool has been pulled over our eyes once again. My reasoning is very simple. We were told that 'Jacob' hates technology. We know this to be false because of the scenes in 'The Incident.' One example is Jacob operating a vending machine. So that leads us to MiB. Does MiB hate technology? No, he doesn't.

Here's why:

If Christian is the MiB, how would you explain his most graceful use of a flashlight?

Now think back to the episode "Man Behind the Curtain," in the cabin, Locke turns on the flashlight and the cabin starts to shake violently. How can MiB hate technology at one point then NEED it another time.

What was that episode title again? "MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN"? That split-second flash of someone sitting in the cabin was neither MiB or Jacob. We have another entity on the island that we have yet to meet. The person that's running the entire show, the real man behind the lost curtain. Jacob and MiB nothing compared to the technology hating dude we're about to meet.


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