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One Timeline Must Prevail by Stupot

I personally think the first scene is going to take place off-island, on the morning of the flight from Sydney. We'll see a repeat of all the pre-boarding activities of the main characters. We'll see them get on the airplane, there'll be a bit of turbulance during the flight, and it will seem like the crash is about to happen, and then the turbulance will settle and they'll land safely in LA.

The destruction of the Swan in '77 means that everyone on the island died, the Swan was never completed, and Desmond never caused Flight 815 to have crashed in the first place... but I think in the early episodes of season 6 our friends, who won't know each other, will be brought together in LA by some other event.

You see, if the Swan was detroyed in '77 and the Losties never crashed on the island in 2004, then they never went back in time to 1977 to detroy the Swan, so then they would have crashed on the island in '04 and would still have gone back to '77 and destroyed the Swan, but then they wouldn't have crashed 2004....

So you see... there are two possible timelines intertwining here and the question is, which of the two timelines must prevail, because they can't both. They'll have to reconnect at some point (course correction) but in one possible outcome, the losties are all dead (at least those in 1977) and in another possible outcome, they are all alive...

In 2007, where Sun and co curently reside, did you notice the messed up state of Dharmaville (which still had an old picture of Hurley and gang from 1977)? This is because that is the alternate 2007 from after the explosion wiped out the Swan, The Losties and most of the workers. I should imagine the Dharma initiative project was abandoned after this.

So the if this 'war' is centered on which timeline prevails, then there are going to be people who want The Losties dead... so as soon as they hit LA, even though they have no idea what's been going on in the other timeline, they are going to have people trying to kill them. And I think for the first few episodes at least, they are going to be dodging a few bullets and demanding a few answers!

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