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The Numbers by 7418880

This theory is to the point. In the Sri Lanka Video, Alvar Hanso describes the Numbers as the core environmental and human factors, or something to that effect. I believe that each of the Numbers represents a person, and that these people are six of our Losties. Which ones is anyone's guess. The Losties are perhaps the single most influential group of people to have ever been on the Island; their time-travelling exploits have been the primary cause of much of the Island's history, and the full extent of their impact has yet to be seen. For this reason, six of them are the key to, as the cliché goes, "winning the war". As Alvar Hanso states that if any of the Numbers were changed, it could mean humanity's fate would also be changed. Perhaps Jacob and/or MIB's goal (among other things) is to change one of the Losties, thus changing the course of history.
Who do you think are the six?

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