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No loop overall by kevicho

There is no loop for the overall island. I think that the losties could "possibly" be on a loop, but i still doubt it. Now i usually only read spoilers...dont really have time to look at theories, but i had the time today and saw a bunch of loop theories. I only got to read a couple so i can only speculate on the few iv read so forgive me if i get some details wrong.

From what i have read most people think the losties are on a loop that begin and end when the fdw is turned. some people think this is the first iteration, some think its been going on ab in-whatever, infinitly. there have been some that even say that the island has been on a constant loop...which makes no sense.

my theory is simple. there is no loop for the island overall.

Lets say there is a loop. they time skip, explode jughead, it doesnt work, they live through watever 77-04 brings them, then o 815 crashes, 108 days past then the fdw wheel is turned...wouldnt the current and previous losties time skip again? and if this has happened infinitly then wouldnt there eventually be an infinite amount of losties?

Anyways thats jus me brainstorming. maybe only current losties time skip who knows...

However that would be jus for the losties. There is no overall loop because richard has past the point of the fdw. we see him in 07 and he will continue on loop free. if the whole island was on a loop then even the others or the smoke monster would time skip to ensure the loop if the island was on a loop.

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