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Right first time theory poster, long time theory reader. I’ve been casting my eye over many theories lately and I want to add one of mine to the long list, and I’ll try not to ramble too much.

So the main talking point for a long while now has been WHH vs. ALT, what will happen in season 6 now Jughead went off. Will it change anything, or have our beloved losties caused the incident they were trying to prevent? I actually think it’s both, let me try and explain.

Team Darlton have been very cleaver leaving subtle clues to fan the flames of both arguments. I think the best example of this is when Sun and Frank are exploring Dharmaville and the viewers are shown two specific things that contradict WHH and ALT. The dilapidated ‘Processing’ sign was hanging on one of the buildings near Bens house, this wasn’t there in seasons 3 and 4. So something must have changed right? But, inside Bens house is the Risk game board, and it’s right where Hurley, Sawyer and Miles left it when Keamy’s lot attacked them. Surely if it’s still there then whatever happened happened?

Now it will be very hard for team Darlton to discredit either WHH or ALT as there has been reasonable evidence shown to us that could make both true. If it’s all one big loop and whatever happened happened then why is Dharmaville different. It’s a question that can’t be swept under the table.

I think to understand what will play out we have to look at everyone’s favourite Scotsman, Desmond Hume. Flashes Before Your Eyes is such a key episode in Lost’s history, it established certain rules that the show has to now abide by, mainly ‘course correction‘. Desmond is special, we all know that. When the hatch imploded something happened to him that has made him immune from ‘the rules‘. The new memory that Faraday implanted into him in Because You Left confirms this. Desmond might be special but he couldn’t save Charlie from his impending death, he tried and tried but the universe course corrects. When you’re time’s up in Lost’s universe, it’s up. So even though Desmond is special he can’t stop the inevitable, although he can delay it.

I believe all our characters can change things, the writers have conned us into thinking Desmond is the only one who can, Desmond‘s uniqueness is something else. Again, what they can’t do is change the inevitable because the universe will course correct, all they can do is delay it. Time is like a straight road on lost. It can’t skew off on a tangent a create a new road like with Back To The Future, but you can turn off from the road. The thing is you will always find a way back on to it again.

In my opinion Jughead’s explosion has done exactly what Faraday hoped it would, changed the future, but it’s no ALT, and flight 815 certainly won’t be landing at LAX in this ‘reality‘. All that has happened is the universe has course corrected but on a very large scale, thus enabling the discrepancies seen in Dharmaville. Jughead exploding is just another version of Desmond saving Charlie. It doesn’t matter what you try and change because at the end of the day everyone in the Lost universe is a fool enslaved by time and space.

Hope this ramble made sense. Cheers for reading.

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