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Mib is a shape shifter by Jerad

Me and my buddy were talking about this and it seemed to make a lot of sense. So in season five we learn that Jacob has visited many of the key survivors throughout their lifetimes, clearly he has the ability to be anywhere at anytime, and knows that these characters will one day play an important roll in the future of the island. If Jacob has this ability then what ability does MIB have? I believe he has the ability to assume the identity of anybody. Throughout the show we are faced with a recuring theme, the return of dead individuals.

Whether it be Jack's Dad, Charlie, Ben's Daughter, or Lock himself, it seems that when somebody dies they don't stay there for long, and when they return they are usually doing so to push forward an agenda. I believe that these visits are actually MIB.

Just think about it, who convinced Lock that he needed to kill himself? Christian Shepard. Who convinced Ben that he needed to follow Lock? Ben's Daughter. Ultimately what did lock tell Ben to do? Kill Jacob.

I think this is why Jacob had a rule that only one leader meet with him at a time, because he knew that MIB could convince someone else to do the dirty work for him.

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