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This is my first post. Please be kind :)

I rewatched all seasons back to back over the past couple of weeks. And this morning I rewatched the pilot again. I apologize if anyone has posted this theory before....but here's what I noticed.

During the pilot, Jack and Kate are speaking about the crash and he tells her he doesn't remember any of it and must have blacked out (like what happened to all of them during the Ajira crash - even the visuals are similar). As he wandered onto the beach, it really looked to me like he's seen this all before and was trying to remember. This made me wonder...

A-Could he have never been on the original 2004 Oceanic 815 flight and traveled back in time to be on it (aka is an Other) and I know there are holes potentially, but how shocking would that be :)

Or B - He traveled back to be on the flight to fix things (was on the original flight) and did something with the 2004 Jack. He did look like perhaps he had an alcohol problem in the pilot, so this could have been his loop after the 2004 crash, post "rescue", post Kate engagement, post drug self destruction. Could that have been Jack yelling "help me" to Locke in Jacob's cabin?

And speaking of Jacob's cabin, I guess MIB may have taken over Christian's body the first several seasons (since he's now taken over Locke's). I wonder how that will play out.

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