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Maiken by Jacob

I was recently sent a story about a yacht named "MAIKEN" that was journeying through the south pacific (of course)when it came upon a natural phenomenon. a new island being created.if you have not heard this story yet, i suggest you google it and check it out.if nothing else it is quite fascinating but i think it may be relevent to certain aspects of lost. the basic idea is that through a volcanic eruption out at sea, a new island was formed right before their eyes ("bloop!",hurley)well what if this had happened and after the blast the ship sailed directly over where the island was forming? could this explain how the black rock was found so far inland in the island? they did say that the volcano would be important to the story. aside from this ,im not sure what else this would "explain" but it did make me think of lost. what do you think? google it before commenting because i probably did a shitty job explaining ! what happened. comments?

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