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-- It Hasnt Been Bult Yet -- by Kastrato

Lost is a universe ,a wonderful world but yet an unfinished wold.We have seen only pieces of Lost universe.
Anything can change on Lost.Lots of different theories can have the same base and yet other conclusions.
Its because of the lost pieces .We havent seen it complete yet .
Different timelines ,flashbacks and forwards ,questions and focus on the time-travel ,Destiny against Free Will ,Fate - Science .
All these great issues against the common Logic .Its the bigest issue isnt it.We all want to find out what's really going on on Lost.
We are interesting and care of losties fate.Its also unfinished ,mystirious since the Incident.

My wild guess on Lost is exactly this.The Unfinished the incomplete.Something that will become Whole when they add these very important pieces.
The statue is not broken .For reasons we dont know yet it hasnt been bult further than the big right foot.
It looks like something broke the Timeline and even we have seen the statue completed somehow it hasnt been bult yet on the timeline we watch now.
My theory is that Jacob's "they are coming " is the season's 6 opening event."They" are JAcobs life-work Plan.They will come ,they will become the Set.
A Light Flash and then the Foot, first of all that will follow, will become complete .It will finaly have its prophecy's Shadow.
It will ring the bell of the new world.

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