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Ben is Aaron`s grandfather by Local_Oaf

Just been watching season 1 and have just finished watching the episode Raised by another.If you look closely Claire`s boyfriend strikes an uncanny resemblance to Ben Linus.http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Thomas

I believe this guy is Ben`s son from some sort of off island romance.
3 months after finding out Claire is pregnant,he leaves very suddenly and in a hurry.The reason I believe is Widmore finds out who he is,offering him money to leave Claire,maybe getting his artist career off the ground(his paintings are seen in Widmores office and home)Widmore then pays the fortune teller to ensure Claire is on the plane to LA where a couple are waiting to adopt The baby.(wonder who the couple are) in LA of all places.
Widmore did not want Ben finding out he has a grandson so attempted to get Aaron away from Claire in a different country in case Thomas broke their agreement and tried to see his son again in the future.The whole Aaron revelance has yet to be seen but I do not believe that some normal dude pregnated Claire and there is a clue in the episode title Raised by another(Raised by an other) Which other was waiting in LA is the question.

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