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What if there was a way to change reality?

More to the point, even if you did have that ability would you use it?

I think the island's unique qualities allow people, perhaps only certain "special" people (aka walt, jacob, MIB and maybe even jack and Locke) to do just that.

But it becomes a moral question of sorts, because changing realities doesn't just affect the the one changing it, it affects great numbers of people, if not everyone. What gives a person the right to do such a thing?

I read an interesting e-book called "I am forever" by Alex Baillie, the link is below if anyone wants to check it out:


The basic premise of that book is that one individual's reality is essentialy falling apart, but he is the only person who can see it all and he is the only person who remembers all the changes and variations, don't want to spoil the ending of it, but it does have some interesting comparisons with lost.

Jacob perhaps is on the side of "the ends justify the means" and he has no problem changing reality as much he feels is necessary in order to meet his ultimate goals, on the other hand MIB has the ability too, but maybe reality has been changed so much for him that he can hardly remember his original life and he wants to kill Jacob to try and get back to the way it was and therefore he feels that Jacob's endless meddling is pointless, and is desperately looking for a way out.

Jacob could well be the bad guy, it would certainly be more interesting if he was.

But maybe the point of lost is a moral one, about accepting the life you have, making the most of it and not missing any oportunities (that way you don't have to resort to outrageous time travel and reality bending to fix anything!).

Hope you liked the theory, love to hear what you all think.

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