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Imprisoning God by W.P. Skilly

I think I've figured out the mythology of the show guys. I really hope I haven't, because I love to be surprised, but it makes sense. This theory is about mythology only, and mainly MIB and Jacob, so theories dealing with characters will be dealt with some other time.

We know that the Island has ties to Ancient Egypt and several other older civilizations. It's possible that the Island used to be connected to a continent and broke off somehow. So what if the Island used to be near Egypt. I theorize that Smokey use to either dwell in Egypt or all over the planet. He could appear anywhere as anyone dead, so the Egyptians thought he was a god and they worshipped him. He would judge people and select them as either worthy of life or not. The people were forced to submit to the will of this deity, live their life the way this thing made them live. Somehow, they eventually found a way to rebel against Smokey, imprisoning him on an island (the Island). On this Island they selected one person live on the Island with him, to stand guard against Smokey. This person, employed to keep "fate" from taking control of humanity's lives, is known on the show as Jacob.

Smokey is eternal, nothing can kill him. He's been around forever and will always be around. Now, imprisoning something that's trying to make the Earth a better place by weeding out the good and the bad is going to make that being a lot more angry at humanity. Plus, consider that if this thing used to be able to roam free around the world, your chances of running into him are raised thousands of times by him being on a small Island. So, Jacob's other job would be to keep too many people from getting to the Island, because chances are they wouldn't make it out alive. Jacob could only bring a few people at a time to do one thing, and that would be to keep Smokey on that Island.

After being imprisoned on the Island for so long, Smokey got angrier and angier. Eventually he decided he was going to destroy mankind for imprisoning him. Jacob and Smokey made a game of it, because Jacob cannot be killed by Smokey, he is a good person. A good person cannot be judged worthy of death by an impartial being. Their game was simple, Jacob knew that eventually Smokey would find a way off the Island, that was inevitable. So Jacob decided that instead of worrying about keeping Smokey at bay, he would try proving that humanity was worth saving. He would show that humanity can find redemption for mistakes of the past. This would mirror the fact that most of the characters having parents that made a lot of mistakes. Jacob knows that Smokey's going to find a way around not being able to kill him, so his goal is to show Smokey that people are worthy of life.

So neither side, Jacob and MIB, are good or evil. MIB is a metaphor for God in a way, or fate. Fate is inevitable, due to the choices you make. Jacob, freewill, is a metaphor for humanity. And although fate is inevitable, you can make your fate a good one.

Just some thoughts.

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