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Frichard and a bit of destiny by chicagojago

I know I read a theory here before about the Others being dead. I tried to find this theory again but I couldn't so sorry to whoever wrote it. I forgot the specifics of it and I don't remember if it talked about Richard in particular or just lumped him in with the other Others. If whoever wrote that reads this let me know.

I think Richard being dead would explain a few things:
1) The fact that he doesn't age. I know very few dead people that actually do age.

2) Why he is an "adviser". OK it wouldn't explain WHY he is an adviser, but it could help to make sense of it. Christian, Charlie, Anna Lucia, and Ben's mom have all appeared to different people to advise or guide them in some way, much like Richard does. Not to mention all the dead people that have appeared in dreams (most notably Locke's dreams) to guide them.

3) His relationship to Jacob. Richard has said he is the way he is because of Jacob. Maybe Richard is in a similar situation to Flocke, because we don't know that MIB is dead or has to be to "put himself in Locke's shoes". Jacob could have done this with Richard (who better to work for you than you!). Some people have suggested that Jacob knew he was going to be killed and actually wanted that to happen. If there really is a "Frichard", no wonder why Jacob was so calm minutes before being killed, he had an ace in the hole.

Some problems with this idea:
1) We don't really know enough about Flocke to say whether he ages or not, and actually he acts more like a leader than an adviser like Frichard. There really is nothing to support the comparison of Richard and Flocke, I guess it just fit my theory.

2) As far as we know from Locke, Hurley, and Miles (and I guess Ben with his mother), only some people can see/hear/interact with dead people. And it seems that everyone knows when Richard is around. That right there probably shuts this theory down.

3) I assumed Richard has qualities like Flocke and like dead characters (Christian, Charlie, etc) and we really don't know of a connection between those characters and Flocke. So that was a big assumption on my part.

Let me know if this theory just canceled itself by having as many pros as cons. Or if you think of any other implications.

I did want to say one little thing about destiny. What if Lost's destiny is not a superstitious one that we all know and are familiar with, but is actually a result of time travel. If people have traveled back in time then they know some events that have not happened yet. And if they tell people in the past "You are suppose to do this or that" it is only because those people have already done this or that. It is only destiny if you have done it already. I think it's a possibility. Let me know if that didn't make any sense.

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