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ALT is a big Tease by Locke4God

We'll get glimpses of the ALT world. We will, and it will be used to show us the reasons why things needed to happen as they did.

The ALT world may even wind up showing us some sort of dystopian future, or other dissasterous element which was in some way forseen by Jacob or another important character as needing to be avoided, leading to his involvement in making sure that it didn't, thus bringing the losties to the island and setting up everything we've seen.

Side Note (I once had a theory of exactly this, that the island itself was using it's energy properties to skip itself through time in order to get people on the island who could alter the future, thus avoiding some apocalyptic ending. I still hold to that)

Honestly though if anything like this occurs, it really makes everything we've seen the ALT universe, and the "new" timeline we'll witness, the original timeline.

Either way, what I present to you here is the notion that ALT is going to be a big tease. It's relevant, and it's even necessary in understanding why the losties had to be brought to the island, but it will not be the story. The story is still taking place along the timeline we've come to know and love. Instead ALT is going to be used as a back up story. Side information if you will, that is pertinant to know, but works as more of a catalyst, where current events are going to happen regardless of what knowledge we gleen from the ALT world.

And consider what we've seen from this show in the past. Sayid shot Ben, "OMFG, WHH is wrong!!!" Wait not so fast, he lived. "The Others are coming" Remember that one? The big scary Season 1 finale, and yet, there were no Others coming, at least not then. A big tease. Of course the Others were at one point homeless wildmen. That didn't last. And there have been other blantant teases that never really turned out the way they were first presented to us.

And ALT won't either. We're not going to spend all season in a new reality where we rehash the "We have to go back" storyline all over. A whole season of Jack gathering the losties together to make it back to the island. Really? You think we're doing that again? We're also not running a do-over on season 1.

ALT will be seen, and as I said we will see important clues as to why a prophetic character took the steps of gathering the losties together in order to prevent that reality. That will be the point of ALT.

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