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Adam & Eve - not a man & a woman by MacJack

Hi Folks,

Adam & Eve are John Locke & Jack Shephard.

I believe that one of the final images of Lost, the one which Matthew Fox knows, is his body & Locke's being placed in the cave.

We have heard a lot lately about how the relationship between these two pivotal characters will provide a lot of the focus in Season 6. They will, in effect, take the place of MIB & Jacob in the game.

Back in Season 1, Locke explained to Walt the rules of backgammon. Black against white, good versus evil. In my opinion, black is now Locke & white will become Jack. Season 6 will see Jack fufill his destiny as the 'new Jacob' - I believe that he is the one who will save them all. I also believe that at some point in the season, we will see Jack being accepted as this new saviour by all who stand for good.

This will see Jack face-off against Locke/Esau. This will be the crucial & final battle of the War. How their deaths will come about, I have no idea at the moment. What their deaths will signify, however, is the end of the game & thus the end of the story.

How & why they end up there, and how they end up having been there for a number of years, is open to discussion. But I do believe that this is the obvious identity of our two favourite skeletons.

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