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Why births stopped on the Island by 1785

Two guardians are pictured in Jacob's weaving on opposing sides of the worshipping crowds.

The first represents the Creation of life (Jacob)

The second represents its Destruction (MIB)

They have existed as long as life itself and both are vital for it to continue.

Destruction is a grim inevitability that goes on because the only thing it cannot destroy is Creation itself - even though it may long to.

This thankless task is a cycle destined to repeat itself until all life ends.
Destruction resents Creation because it feels enslaved by it - the Island itself is as much a prison as a source of eternity (A Panopticon designed prison perhaps)

The guardian of Destruction is in the form a shifting black smoke, to look into it is to see your very life flash before your eyes as if staring death in the face.

It can take on the form of those who are dead but even then it cannot kill Creation. Maybe the right man could though.

When Richard Alpert first appeared to Ben Linus in the woods he appeared in old garb because this was how he looked the day he 'died' before he was 'reborn' eternally at the Temple.

Ben wasn't chosen by Jacob he was chosen by MIB impersonating Richard to carry out the act which would 'free' him from the cycle. Locke's faith (and to some degree vanity) was manipulated in a similar manner for the same ends.

It wasn't the incident itself which rendered it impossible for children to be born on the Island but the 'death' of Creation/Jacob occurring in a parallel sequence of events (we've seen from Desmond's sudden recollection that these events are happening concurrently albeit in different times)

There can be no birth without creation - so the significance of Aaron and Claire poses some interesting questions for the final season.

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