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The Long Con of Lindelof and Cuse by ticksize

Like many over the last 5 seasons I have been engrossed in Lost. I have watched the shows repeatedly, discussed with friends, followed blogs, posted theories and come to sites like DarkUfo almost daily.

Watching and following Lost has been a rewarding experience. However after a dream I last night I feel the ending of Lost will leave a bitter taste.

I've come to this conclusion as my dream focussed on the encounter with Jacob and MIB. Even though the fish Jacob was eating was a Snapper I think the motif was clearing that of a Red Herring. To those who don't know a Red Herring has figurative meaning.

I think Lindelof and Cuse couldn't contain themselves with the scene with at the beach and had to let the cat out of the bag. Whilst the MIB didn't share in the Red Herring we who have fallen in love with this show have been eating it since day one.

Lost appears to be based in our real world but a world in super natural things happen. These super natural events like people coming back from the dead and smoke monster to name only two could only exist in fantasy or imagination of the mind.

The reality of Lost that has been presented to us over the last 5 seasons is false. I have come to the conclusion none of what we have become emotionally invested in is real. We've been taken for a ride or another way of looking at it is we are the victims of con, a long con.

I no longer believe there was a plane crash or the island exist. I know Lindelof and Cuse have discounted many theories but I feel the truth has been discovered but they had to discount it as they would have no show.

I hope I'm wrong but I think if you reflect on hat I have written it has some merit. How the show will finally play out I don't know but
I'm very confident that what we have seen to date is not real.

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