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Smoke Monster V MIB by Ryan Cleaves

Okay this theory isn't incredibly long or detailed compared to most, but as I believe we haven't seen much in the ways of MIB and Jacob yet, there isn't a lot to write.

Now, most people seem to be convinced that the smoke monster is/works with MIB... and against Jacob. I disagree.

I believe Smokey is actually the main enemy of MIB. Think about it, the Losties, who clearly work for Jacob, can summon it. How could they summon it if Jacob is their leader, fighting against it? A simple point, but does everything have to be that complicated?

Secondly, the cabin. The cabin was surrounded by the black ash-type stuff that either someone couldn't get out of, or more likely someone, Smokey?, couldn't get past. Why would somebody, in my opinion anyway, be banished/banish themselves to this cabin? Because they wanted to kill somebody, like Jacob, perhaps? Because they wanted nobody else on the island, perhaps?

MIB needed a loophole to kill Jacob. What if this loophole is that Jacob needs to be killed by one of his own people, like the Others or John Locke, who was kinda part of the others eventually. This would be cleverly ironic, as Jacob wanted to allow people onto the island in the first place, now he'd be killed by one of those people.

Jacob knew he would be killed in 2007, that's why he didn't put up much of a fight. That's also why he sent the Smoke monster (which for all we know could be himself!) to tell Ben in the temple, whilst Locke was off to find a rope or something, that he needed to listen to Locke, who was going to kill him.... which leads nicely to my next point, that John Locke was recruited by MIB, at some point, to have Jacob killed. This is why the black ash type stuff has been broken. He came out of the cabin in order to recruit his new apprentice.

There's probably more evidence, actually lots more evidence supporting me. But I'm only really thinking off the top of my head

Why is there a dead Locke and an alive Locke at the same time? Well that is up to the time travelling speculators to specualate about. It's too complicated, to me, to attempt figuring out. We'll find out in Season 6. We'll also find out that I am pretty much spot on with this! You just wait ;)

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