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Jacob, MIB, and Adam and Eve by 2-2-10

My theory is that Jacob and MIB have decided to play a game to decide the fate of humanity (MIB wants them dead, Jacob wants them to live). Similar to how Charlie avoided death a bunch of times in season 6, in the game you have multiple "lives" before you are dead for good. When someone dies on the island, they are reincarnated as a child who is either on the island, is destined to go to the island, was on the island in the past, or whose parents were from the island. That is why Walt was special- because he is a reincarnation of a dead island-dweller who was important (maybe someone who died in the purge?). All our losties, including little Charlie, Aaron, and Ji-Yeon are all reincarnations. Children can recall their reincarnations better than adults, so they are more special (hence Walt's powers, and Ben seeing his dead mother, and Locke's drawing of the smoke monster).

Jacob has killed MIB many times in the past, and each time MIB was reincarnated (btw, people who die in the one iteration, assuming alt timelines exist can be reincarnated in the past of another iteration). This is why MIB so badly wants to kill Jacob- because he is losing and he knows it. After MIB/Locke kills Jacob in the first iteration, Jacob is reincarnated as Illana in the second iteration- this is why Ilana is so important. Because MIB/ Jacob are magical, for lack of a better word, they can travel between timelines (Ilana-Jacob from the 2nd iteration goes to visit Jacob-Jacob from the 1st iteration, gets hurt, and is visited in the hospital by Jacob-Jacob, as we saw). Jacob-Jacob doesn't fight back against ben and evil locke because he knows his reincarnation is coming to kill MIB after he dies, evening the score (which she will in early 6th season). In the 2nd iteration, Ilana-Jacob is visiting MIB's reincarnation in the 70's when they both die due to Jughead- Ilana-! Jacob wants this to happen because it is MIB's last life, and so he is willing to sacrifice his life to finally beat MIB. They are the Adam/Eve skeletons with one black stone (MIB) and one white stone (Jacob/Ilana). So in the 2nd iteration (where Jughead exploded and there was no plane crash) Jacob3 thinks he's one. However, MIB had destroyed Ben's soul by having him kill Jacob, and was able to reincarnate himself as Ben (effectively just taking over his body) in an extra "life". He then, as Ben, draws the Losties in the 2nd iteration to go to the island and tries to manipulate them into killing Jacob's 3rd reincarnation. However, Jacob3 planned for this and saved the Losties from the 2nd iteration who exploded Jughead by flashing them to the temple in the 3rd iteration before they died. So in the 6th season, the war will be fought between Jacob-3 (perhaps Christian?) and Ben-MIB, with the two sets of Losties (from the second iteration and from the third iteration) as pro! xies.

Desmond has the unique ability to travel between iterations, which he has had since he turned the failsafe. Because of this, Jacob enlists his help to gather Losties and fight MIB.

And to explain the writers' quote in saying that there would be no time travel in the show, I propose that there has never been any time travel. Time is relative, and flows differently between iterations. When it is 1970 in one iteration, it is 2007 in another. This explains the flashes in S5 when the wheel was turned and the disappearance of the island - it moves through iterations, not space or time.

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